What are STEM toys and what it means to you.

What do Spacerails and the STEM initiative have in common?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, but what STEM education focuses on is much more than these four subjects. ... STEM toys encourage kids to develop skills in the core disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The focus of STEM education is how these subjects relate to each other and the real world. That means that these subjects need to be taught together and be focused on problem solving.

When it comes to education, STEM learning is a major push these days. It applies to learning and activities that focus on logic, problem-solving, creativity and experimentation.

Fortunately, those skills are often best developed and nurtured through play, and there are plenty of STEM toys on the market focused on doing just that. From those designed for toddlers all the way up through teens, there are a variety of toys that teach STEM skills in ways so fun kids will have no idea they’re learning.

Spacerails is honored to be a part of this initiative.


Prepping to Build your Spacerail

You have it in your hands - the next level set of Spacerails!  With it's sleek designed box, weighing heavy in your hands, and the endless possibilities.  Now what?

Pulling building tips and hints from fans over on our Spacerailers Facebook group (http://bit.ly/2FpDBqk, they shared with us some essential recommendations before starting to roll that steel ball over those slick rails.

  • Make sure you have a big clutter-free working area - trust us, it gets crazy.
  • Identify all pieces when opening the box
  • Keep the instructions next to you at all times - it helps!
  • Use bowls and plates to organize arms, rail stands, arm wrenches, rail, elevator helix and other pieces, can make the process much more easier.
  • Don't cut the rail until you get to ready to complete that step within the instructions
  • Layout the bigger pieces - such as the base(s), gear box, shafts, and other parts

Now on to Step 1...

Spacerail Marble ROLLER COASTER Buying Guide - Up for the challenge?

Level 1? Level 9?  A level inbetween? What Spacerail set should you get?


People say you should always start at the very beginning…but having that said, there’s some satisfaction from jumping off into the deep end.

Spacerails is like that as well. As a beginner you learn the do’s and don’ts of building a rail.  Making sure to cut the rail just right, or at least a little bit longer.  Making sure you have separated all the different pieces for make creating the rail easier.  Making sure the rail stands are set to the specific height and placement on the base. 

However some like to challenge themselves by jumping up to a higher level and learning by trial and error.  Tweaking those difficult seesaw stunts, loops and drops.

At Spacerails, we would recommend to start with a beginner level, either a Level 1, 2 or 3.  With a few less pieces and shorter sections of rail, - these sets encourage you to learn the basics and hone your skills.

Afterwards you can move up through the different levels to the hardest one - Level 9 - trust us, it’s a challenge!

What challenge are you up for?