Spring / Summer Fun!

Are you ready for summer?  Kids are out of school, the weather is getting hotter, and the days are becoming long dog days of summer. Swimming, hiking, and playing outside are all great outdoor activities for kids. However, on scorching hot days, you might find it difficult to get your kids to do anything outdoors and you don’t want them in front of a TV screen all day playing video games. Especially during the summer when kids are out of school, it’s important to be keeping their minds stimulated and still learning new things. What better way to do fun activities with your kids and get the opportunity to teach them in return. We share the three best SpaceRail activities you can do with your kids this summer:

SpaceRail Level 1:*This marble roller coaster set is perfect for beginners. This starter marble rollercoaster package includes all of the pieces and instructions to build your very own marble run. Building a SpaceRail, kids get to help with problem solving and engineering. Not only is it fun to watch after completion, but offers good lessons on physics. Need to brush up on your physics? Check out our blog about “SpaceRails and Physics”.

SpaceRail Glow Level 3:* This marble run kit differs from SpaceRail Level 1 because it is more challenging, but also it GLOWS IN THE DARK. Kids and adults of all ages love watching the ball rolling on rails and returning to the elevator again and again in a dark room.

Customize your Spacerail: Go rogue and build your Spacerail kit to your own specifications. Spare parts and pieces are available to purchase here.

Keep your kids entertained and educated this summer. Put together a marble roller coaster set and learn about the physics of a marble run. It’s a great memory builder, as well as educational activity you can do with your kids during the hot summer days.

*Please note that SpaceRails recommends users be 15 years or older to put together a marble roller coaster set. However, it is a great activity for adults (18+) to do with kids.