Mistakes to Avoid when building your Spacerail

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For beginners building Level 1.1 to experts building Level 9.1, there are common mistakes that can be avoided when building a Spacerails marble run. Below we outline mistakes that can avoided for building your first or second Spacerail to make the building less stressful and more enjoyable.

Not Organizing Pieces Before Building

First and best piece of advice is organizing as soon as you open the box. “Fail to plan and plan to fail” can be applied to building a Spacerails marble rollercoaster. Because of the amount of pieces in each set, it is highly recommended to organize and plan the build beforehand. Using bowls and plates to organize arms, rail stands, and the like can make the process much more easier.


Cutting Rails Too Soon

A detrimental mistake is cutting the rails too short. Though the railing is a bit longer to allow for cutting mistakes, being too short and not having enough railing might require builders to shorten their track by adjusting the rail holders. If Spacerailers did cut the rail too short, extra rail can be purchased here

Avoid Using Glue or Tape

Though it might make sense to use tape or glue to hold some pieces together, it can be a mess when making adjustments. Spacerails kits are to designed to be fully built without any glue or tape. If Spacerailers are looking for suggestions or recommendations to help build their Spacerails, we recommend reaching out to our Spacerails Facebook group

Not Allowing Enough Time

Building a Spacerail is difficult and time consuming. Spacerail Level 1.1 takes roughly 2 to 3 hours to build, while a Spacerail Level 9.1 can take 35 to 40 hours when building to instructions. If you’re not sure which level to buy, reach out to our Spacerail team on Facebook or at orders@spacerails.com.

Not Testing and Experimenting While Building

As a builder gets started on placing the rails, it’s key to be testing throughout. Specifically when it comes to consecutive loops that must be built on the intermediate and expert levels. These features require time and testing to make sure that they run smoothly and allow the user to make adjustments accordingly.

 Consecutive loops on  Level 9.1.  Submitted via Facebook by Juan C. 

Consecutive loops on Level 9.1. Submitted via Facebook by Juan C. 


A few other mistakes to avoid, direct from our Spacerailers:

  • Cutting the rail too short
  • Using toothpicks to merge the rails
  • Buying a different level for the spare parts (Find the correct the Spacerails spare parts here)
  • Using Spacerail and Spacewarp parts together - though it is possible to combine parts, some Spacerailers have had issues
  • Make sure to dust/clean completed Spacerails to ensure it runs smoothly


Spacerails is a difficult STEM toy which we want to be educational and fun for it’s builders. By avoiding the above mistakes, building the marble rollercoaster can be more fun and enjoyable.

Make a mistake and learned how to solve it? Share it with fellow Spacerailers by commenting below.