THE BEST STEM TOY FOR Physics and engineering!

Space Rail: Ideal for STEM

Space Rail sets are ideal for having a hands on learning experience for principles of physics and engineering!  Put your kids, students, or yourself to the challenge as you learn how to conserve momentum through loops, twists, and turns!

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If your child is a budding engineer, loves to build, and is outgrowing the advanced legos, this is for them!
— Rich, SpaceRails Level 6

Have you been looking for THE PERFECT gift for your class, kids, or engineer-minded friend?  Space Rail is the perfect opportunity to allowing kids, teens, and adults to practice principles of engineering and physics!  Spend many hours of fun, frustration, and the ecstasy of accomplishment as you plan and build your Space Rail Set together! 

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Start enjoying Space Rails today with your friends, family, and students!

I gave this as a Christmas present and four weeks later my 59 yr old partner is still loving it. If you are looking for a challenging and fun project you have come to the right place. Next Christmas level 9!
— Judith, Space Rail Level 7

What Does Each Set Include?

Each Space Rail set comes with all of the parts needed to create the pictured set and multiple steel balls.  The base tiles and battery powered elevator are also included! (though the battery will have to be bought separate.  Each elevator takes one C battery).

Each set features:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Multiple Tracks and Stunts
  • Steel Balls (2-12 depending on the set)
  • Battery Powered Elevator (battery not included)
  • 5-50 hours of assembly fun (and frustration!)
  • Access to the online Space Rail Community!

Why are STEM Toys Good for Learning?

Studies have shown, that when the brain is in a "play" state, it turns on the learning centers and allows kids and adults to absorb, apply, and recall information much more readily than when in a traditional classroom setting.  Space Rail allows you to get yourself, your kids, or your students in a "play" mind frame, all while teaching them physics and engineering!  As you build the Space Rail set, teach kids about acceleration, potential and kinetic energy, the conservation of angular momentum, and more!

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Still Not Sure?

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